Subjects of Profession

As per the Article 2 of the Law of Accounting Profession, the subjects of the profession of Certified Public Accountancy comprise the following services rendered to enterprises and business concerns owned by individuals.

a. To keep books, prepare the balance sheets, profit and loss statements, tax returns and other relevant documents in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the provisions of the relevant legislation.
b. To establish and develop accounting systems, to organize business, accounting, finance, fiscal legislation and their applications, or to advise on these issues.
c. Based on the relevant documents on issues specified in the aforementioned paragraph, to perform investigations, analyses and audit, to present written opinions regarding financial statements and tax returns, to prepare reports and similar documents, to perform arbitration, expertise and similar services.
Individuals performing the activities mentioned above independent from a business entity are defined as Certified Public Accountants.


İSMMMO Hakkında

Geleceğe yönelik projeleriyle, üyelerinin gelişimini sağlayan; Şeffaflığı, denetimi, yeniliği savunan ve çevre sorunlarına duyarlı; Toplumumuzun aydınlatılmasına, akademik, mesleki kamuoyuyla güçlü işbirliği yaparak ekonomik kalkınmaya katkı sunan, lider kurum olmaktır.