History – Background of TÜRMOB

Although it has a long history, the accounting and auditing profession in Turkiye has received its legal public recognition only lately. After many attempts have been made by the interested parties ranging from the Associations of the members of profession to some Ministers and bureaucrats beginning almost from the first years of the Republican era to bring an Accountants Law before the Parliament, “The Law on Certified Public Accountancy and Sworn-in Certified Public Accountancy” was enacted in 1989.

Law establishes accounting and auditing as a profession and defines those who are rendering services in these fields as professionals. The Law primarily applies to the private sector with the objective of providing effective and reliable accountancy and auditing services in Turkiye and sets the qualifications that should be possessed to be a member of the profession and organizational setup of the profession.

The Law defines two categories of accounting and auditing professionals;
a) Certified Public Accountant (SMMM),
b) Sworn-in Certified Public Accountant (YMM).

TÜRMOB (i.e. the Union of Chambers of Certified Public Accountants Turkiye), which was founded in 1989 with the Law 3568 on Certified Public Accountancy and Sworn-in Certified Public Accountancy, is the national professional body with the sole authority to award professional license. The organizational structure of the TÜRMOB is supported by two distinct Chambers;
a) Chambers of Certified Public Accountants (SMMM) and
b) Chambers of Sworn-In Certified Public Accountants (YMM).

TÜRMOB is the national umbrella for the local Chambers and comprises 85 Chambers, of which 77 are SMMM Chambers and 8 are YMM Chambers.
TÜRMOB is the unique authority that is empowered to award professional licenses. The qualifications that are required to become a member of the profession are specified by the Law and only those who have been awarded a license by TÜRMOB are entitled to render professional services.

TÜRMOB carries out activities to insure the development of the profession and the protection of due interests of the members of the profession and the preservation of professional dignity, ethics, order and traditions. To comply with the aforementioned duties and responsibilities, TÜRMOB extends a continuous and intensive effort especially in areas such as practical training, licensing, professional rules and regulations, publishing and membership and participates in the activities of international professional organizations.
In order to fulfill its duties such as the development of the profession, protection of interests of its members and the preservation of professional ethics and order, TÜRMOB carries out comprehensive efforts in areas like awarding of licenses, practical training, examinations, standard setting, quality control, application and enforcement of professional standards, professional rules and regulations, publications and continuous professional education.
The major characteristics of the Union stemming from the Law No. 3568 can be given as follows:

a) All the members of the Board, Disciplinary and Auditing Boards of the Union are elected directly by the professional members each of who 6 represent and act on behalf of 75 professional members who comprise the General Assembly.
b) The elections concerning the members of the Organs of the Union are based on secret voting system and are carried out under the superintendency of the lawsuit.
c) The revenues of the Union consist primarily of the fees and receipts received in exchange for the services rendered (license fees, training and examination fees). Any government subsidy or financial contribution is irrelevant.
d) The functioning of the Union and the provision of services by the members of profession are subject to the rules and regulations are subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the Union

The Organs of the Union of Certified Public Accountants of Turkiye (TÜRMOB) are as follows:
a) General Assembly
b) Board
c) Disciplinary Board
d) Supervisory board

Vision of TÜRMOB

Our vision is to be a professional organisation that provides the accounting and auditing profession in Turkiye to be carried out in compliance with international standards and considering professional ethics; directs continuous professional training and development; represents the profession by taking effective and active tasks at international professional organizations; encourages the specialisation and institutionalization at accounting and auditing profession; and provides the necessary contributions at all the times and on every platform in order to achieve contemporary law on profession, is sensitive to social problems. Our vision is a model and reliable professional organisation with its operations and approaches.

Mission of TÜRMOB

TÜRMOB, professional organization that represents the accounting and auditing profession in Turkiye at the highest level, is aimed to stand up for rights and interests of its professional accountants that are members of CPA and Sworn-in CPA Chambers of TÜRMOB; to improve professional solidarity; to adapt its members to international standards; to provide new job opportunities to its members; and to receive recompense for their works within the framework of their professional discipline and ethics.


İSMMMO Hakkında

Geleceğe yönelik projeleriyle, üyelerinin gelişimini sağlayan; Şeffaflığı, denetimi, yeniliği savunan ve çevre sorunlarına duyarlı; Toplumumuzun aydınlatılmasına, akademik, mesleki kamuoyuyla güçlü işbirliği yaparak ekonomik kalkınmaya katkı sunan, lider kurum olmaktır.